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The Notorious Frogs of Frogland
2 min readOct 19, 2021

The team behind Frogland always puts community first. We asked what the community wants from an NFT to move beyond a simple pfp, increase utility, and use blockchain tech to transcend the corporate mechanisms of the old world. Our first collaboration to realize that vision is with Unstoppable Domains. A core concept of the NewPangea metaverse is the Personal Access Domain, your PAD. While we wait for the metaverse to be built, we want to give the community a way to link other assets, like an outstanding piece of art, to the ownership of Frogs and other NFTs. NewPangea is a beautiful, mysterious, and danger-laden metaverse built not only for the community, but with the community full of living characters whose characteristics and personalities shape our world.


As we continue to push boundaries and look for how we can be better and shatter glass ceilings, we looked for a way to improve the security, ease of access, and personal identity linking our community’s digital lives to our irl ones. Unstoppable Domains are a way to connect your notorious identity or internet location to an easy to use, consistent webpath. Unstoppable Domains utilizes the crypto blockchain for both longevity and security; granting the hodlr exclusive access to their chosen domain name, and the ability to use that domain to direct the user to a webpath of their choosing.

With Unstoppable Domains, you will get your own unique .nft domain name, and have that link directly to whatever you choose to represent yourself with. For instance, you could use that and have it link the person that clicks it directly to your OpenSea wallet to view your NFT collection, or into the Frogland discord, or perhaps even directly into a metaverse (wink).

This is not the land drop for NewPangea, but instead think of it as the next step in the process of creating your home and your identity. You’ve purchased the land rights, we’ve contracted with a design and construction company to build your home, and now you’re getting your mailing address.

If you choose, you will eventually be able to use your Unstoppable Domain to link to your identity in NewPangea, granting the viewer not only a clear understanding of your OpenSea collection, but to who you are as a frog — for instance, snoopfrogg.nft. By being able to personalize your lilyPAD with displays of your NFTs, the aesthetic of your digital home, and your notorious life as a frog, you will be able to cross the lines of your digital and real lives, assets, and identity in a way that adds further depth, personalization, and connection than the latest pfp hype of the minute.

Time in the NFT world moves at light speed — what better way to keep up than with something Unstoppable?




The Notorious Frogs of Frogland

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